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Przewalski’s Horse

Common ancestor of our domestic horse breeds. Originally spread over the steppe belts ranging from Europe to Asia. Extinct in the wild since 1970. Characteristics: sandy, light brown to reddish brown pelage, dark dorsal streak, mane standing erect, markings around muzzle, light belly and escutcheon. Legs with black and white stripes. Height between 125 and 140 cm (4'1" and 4'7"). Weight up to 350 kg (55 st). Maximum age: 34 years.

Ticket prices

Adults: 9,00 €
Reduced admission: € 6,50 €

Annual Pass Adults: 50,00 €
Annual Pass reduced admission: 30,00 €

Guided Tours: € 30.00
Group discount for 10 or more people
Children under 4 are admitted free



Wildpark Schorfheide
Prenzlauer Straße 16
16244 Schorfheide OT Groß Schönebeck

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Phone: 033393-65855

Opening Hours

  • Open daily from 9 am to 7 pm
  • The entrance gate closes at 5 pm


  • Mothers’ and babies’ room

  • Restrooms for people with disabilities

  • Handcart rental

  • Umbrellas and rain ponchos for sale