Wildpark Schorfheide

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Individual Discovery Tours

Guided Tours and Walks

Although you may explore the Game Park on your own, we recommend you a guided tour or walk. You’ll be surprised how many interesting details can be reported about each species. Guided tours are € 15.00 (up to 25 people) and last approx. 90 minutes.

With Discovery Worksheets

Students can fill in various discovery worksheets during a walk. They are inspired to watch and compare wild and domestic animal species carefully. Besides, they find out why old breeds are threatened by extinction and why they should be preserved for future generations.

With Students’ Presentations

Prior to their visit to the Game Park, individual students or student groups are given flyers with photos and short texts about some of the species or breeds, which will be complemented by material from additional sources. When walking through the Game Park, the students recognise “their” animals and present them to their class-mates.

Theme Tours

Visitors on a guided tour Are you interested in a special topic and would like to find out more about it? We offer a wide range of guided theme tours like:
  • The Wolf – an Animal par Excellence
  • Breeding Domestic Animals – an Important Cultural Achievement of our Ancestors