Wildpark Schorfheide

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The Game Park is an exclusive reserve for wild species native to the Schorfheide Heathland like European otters, red deer, fallow deer, wild boars, mouflons as well as for animals which are extinct in the wild like wolves, wisents, European elks and Przewalski’s horses. The park has also specialised in breeding rare domestic animal species that are threatened by extinction.

250 acres & 4 miles/h4>

All our animals are kept in huge open-air enclosures simulating their natural habitats. The animals can be watched almost like in the wild. But they also have areas of retreat vital for them. At present the park covers an area of 100 ha (250 acres) and features a 7 km (4 mi) long network of walking trails. We recommend comfortable walking boots. People who are not interested in longer walks, are recommended a tour in a horse-drawn carriage.

Feeding Times

Otters are fed daily at 11 am

Tours in Horse-Drawn Carriages

Tours in horse-drawn carriages are also suited to people in wheelchairs.

€ 4.00 for 30 minutes
(€ 6.00 for 1 hour)

€ 2.00 for 30 minutes
(€ 3,00 for 1 hour)

(up to 4 people):
€ 11.00 for 30 minutes
(€ 16.00 for 1 hour)