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1. What is animal sponsorship about?

Animal sponsors take a symbolic responsibility for their sponsored animal. Their financial contributions support the Game Park to rear, breed and feed the animals as well as to care for them. Animal sponsors take an active part in the conservation of nature and the protection of species.

2. How can I become an animal sponsor?

Please choose an animal from the table below and register your animal sponsorship with us by filling in the Sponsorship Agreement form – or get to know our animals on a private guided tour through the Game Park. Perhaps, you might spontaneously fall for a four-legged friend. If you pick a young animal, you are entitled to choose a name and to baptise your animal.

3. What are the costs of animal sponsorship?

The financial contribution for a sponsorship depends on the species chosen and varies between € 50.00 and € 1,000.00 per year (payable in advance). Please inform about current contribution fees in the table below. Please take into consideration that contributions for young animals may double.

Sponsorship Contribution Fees


Annual Contribution


Private Individuals Institutions


€ 180.00 € 320.00

Przewalski’s Horse

€ 210.00 € 350.00

European Elk

€ 400.00 € 700.00

Fallow Deer

€ 100.00 € 180.00

Red Deer

European Otter

€ 80.00 € 160.00

Exmoor Pony

€ 150.00 € 280.00

European Wolf

€ 500.00 € 900.00

Wild Boar

€ 60.00 € 220.00

European Bison

€ 230.00 € 400.00

Heck Cattle

€ 120.00 € 200.00

White Park Cattle

Swallow-Bellied Mangalitsa

€ 60.00 € 120.00

Pomeranian Country Sheep

€ 50.00 € 100.00


€ 70.00 € 140.00


€ 30.00 € 60.00


€ 40.00 € 80.00

We would like to thank all animal sponsors for their support!

4. What are my rights as an animal sponsor?

As an animal sponsor you get a sponsorship agreement, a sponsorship certificate and an annual season ticket for free admission. Your name will be mentioned on our website and you will regularly receive up-to-date information about our Game Park. We are entitled to issue a donation certificate. For sponsorship contributions under € 100.00 the transfer form is sufficient as donation certificate.

5. When will my animal sponsorship end?

Your animal sponsorship expires automatically at the end of the sponsorship period (usually 12 months). You can always opt for a renewal. If your sponsored animal dies during the period of sponsorship or if it has to be given away due to conceptual needs of the Game Park, the sponsorship is transferred to another animal of the same species. Your sponsorship contributions cannot be refunded. You will be informed about this by the Game Park.

Gift Sponsorship

Please note that the personal details of the gift sponsorship’s recipient should be filled in when completing the Sponsorship Agreement form. Please send us the buyer’s name and address on a blank sheet of paper so that we can send the sponsorship certificate to the person offering the gift.

We would like to invite you to an individually tailored guided tour and a personal consultation.




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Our Tip

Most offspring are born in spring, please inform in time about young animals available for sponsorship.